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How to hack a computer atx power supply: In this video, i will show you a beginner's level demonstration of how to hack a cheap ($20) atx computer power supply (psu) and turn it into a useful 12v po.

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The bottom left corner has a standby 5v.

Atx power supply hack 5v. This project takes a slightly different approach by using a female atx adapter which allows you to plug in any psu into the brick. Should illuminated indicating the atx power supply is in standby mode. If that is the case they may have smaller minimum load requirements.

Ac power cord, most of atx power supply does not come with one, so you need to get it separately. Some online websites you can purchase an atx power supply include the following. The psu needs a connection to the motherboard to be told to turn on.

Usually for old atx power supply like mine the 5v should be loaded. Screw driver, i am using 4 in 1 screw driver set. But atx power supplies also provide 5v standby voltage from another source (here from u2).

I also dont the same atx mod for super slim, but im using a pico psu and that works fine for me. So i took the 5v standby output and connected it to the 5v. I used 2 5 watt 10 ohm resistance in parallel ( 10 watt 5 ohm).

Or at least this is what i thought looking at pin 4 in the schematic. In this post we will hack atx power supply to use it as a bench top power supply which can be used for different electronics projects. Unfortunately, they’re really quite expensive, and a bit out of reach for most hobbyists.

I've not looked at any modern atx power supplies recently but have noticed inbuilt load resistors on other smps. Current good quality, budget power supplies like corsair cx450m and cx450 (better) are cheaper, and have a 20a 5v rail. When this “jump” is broken, the psu shuts off.

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The green wire on atx plug is the “power on” line and is pin #14. It also have a writing in the corner v2.2. These normally expect you to cut into the actual enclosure of the unit.

I’ve been using atx power supplies to make adjustable power supplies for a while now. Connect dummy load to highest rated power supply. Now, test your atx power supply first before you hack it.

When you press the power button on your case, it jumps the green wire to a ground, telling the psu to turn on. The pico psu only job is to supply the 3.3v, 5v and 5vsb stuff as well as power on lead. The power supply would power up and then immediately turn off, indicating that the regulator had some kind of 5v sense input.

Alternatively, you can dismantle an old computer and remove the power supply from the case. Since pc smps provide +3.3v, +5v, and +12v at high ampere (a) ratings as well as some low. Here i’m referring to this voltage, but situation can vary with other psus.

I needed a psu (power supply unit) for my electronics projects, so i modified an old atx psu (computers' power supply unit). Power supplies are essential for at home tinkering and electronics hacking. Since all the power supplies are different it's hard to be precise but aim for at least 1a on the 5v and 500ma on the 12v.

Hi everyone, this is my first instructable and it's about how to hack an atx computer power supply and then put it in a nice little case so it's ready for use. Since i already have a power supply for my computer, i planned on turning it into an overpowered bench power supply. The resistor is used to let flow some current from the +5v rail and close the loop of voltage regulation feedback, which is applied the the +5v also to regulate the other rails (3v3, 12v ecc).

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Using a external 12v 150watt power brick. Gather the materials required and construct the circuit from the circuit diagram. The power supplies are expensive and hard to find in the uk, so i figured i would use an atx psu and create an adapter.

Power supplies and power supply hacks are always awesome. Atx psu hack with regulated variable voltage and lcd voltmeter. It outputs a total of 400w and has a regulated.

50 dollars for a 12 year old, ancient power supply is a terrible price. There's a lot of great material online covering how to convert an atx power supply into an electronics lab power supply. You need one to open the atx power supply casing if you want to mount the breakout board on it.

It would be a good idea to get the datasheet for the regulator from the manufacturers website. The only problem is those old power supplies had adjustable 5v and 3.3v rails because supposedly anything above 3.4v can. Look online or at your local computer store for an atx computer power supply.

In my case it was +5v ( red). I had my atx on my working bench serving as a power supply, but with a lot of messy wires comming out, so i decided to mod it to have 5 output only: So basically, my friend found a atx power supply and was going to give it to me.

The standard atx plug will also have seven. Aquire an atx computer power supply. It can output 100w, so you can put your 30w pc on it and have 70w to spare on whatever you connect through peripheral and remaining slots.

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